One of the many modern additions to the locomotive, we are adding a speedometer.

To do this we will need two things, the gauge itself and the dynamo which will drive the gauge.

We were able to recover both from a scrap heritage DMU.

We have painstakingly restored and tested both.

All we need to do now is install them when required and install an inline resistor as the dynamo was set up for much larger wheels.

The restoration of the dynamo was as follows.

We started off by cleaning the grease and oils from the outside, before sandblasting the externals.

We then opened the unit, cleaned and re-greased before closing it up.

After testing we primed and repainted the outside.

The dynamo has now been put into storage awaiting the time when it will be needed.

Wheels Arrive


Wheel casting top
Wheel casting back top
Wheel casting back

On the 1st of December we took delivery of the 4 wheel centre castings.

They will need machining before the axles and tyres can be put on.  Each wheel weighs around 120kg requiring the use of a crane to lift them.

I would like to thank Casting Services Engineering Ltd for supplying our first large component.

Wheels Ordered


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On the 23rd of November the wheel centres, were ordered with Casting Services Engineering Ltd. The pattern for these was made earlier in the year.

We hope to have the wheels delivered in early December.

Pictures courtesy of Casting Services Engineering Ltd.

Axles update


On the 18th of August an update came from one of suppliers John Dunn Engineering. The axles have so far been roughed out and now need to be left to ensure no warping happens post heat treatment.

Thanks to John for these pictures.

The company is formed


On the 10th of June the proposed directors of the now formed Webb Locos LTD met to finalise and confirm the incorporation of the company that will aim to build the new locomotive. This included talks about possible build locations and costings of some of the items. At the end of the meeting it was decided to form the company. On the 19th of June 2020 the company was incorporated with companies house. This now means we can start fundraising and pushing forward with the project. 

The axles have been ordered


On the 3rd of March 2020 the axles, two mains and one pony truck, were ordered with John Dunn Engineering. These will be heat treated before being machined, including key ways. 

Photos courtesy of John Dunn Engineering.